Trilliums in Northern Ontario
Northern Ontario


"Bears were exterminated in much of southern Ontario because they were considered pests, a liability, a danger that humans could not share the landscape with.

�But now that society values all creatures . . . is it not reasonable to ask the people of southern Ontario to let bears back into their historical range?�

-John Kaplanis, Thunder Bay


Black bears that once roamed all of Ontario are now completely extinct in southern Ontario


Environmental Issues in Northern Ontario

Bear Relocation Campaign
Re-introduce Black Bears to Southern Ontario

The Black Bear Re-Introduction Campaign

Black BearFrom North Bay to Thunder Bay, on t-shirts, on yard signs, on highway billboards, in newspapers, and in conversations, a Black Bear Re-Introduction Campaign is gathering momentum, and attention, in Ontario and around the world. In the pages listed below you will find a wide variety of opinions, from the north, from southern Ontario, and from other countries. Agree or not, I'm sure you'll find it interesting and entertaining.

(First article is the release that started it all.
Newest articles at the bottom.)



The Animal Alliance of Canada, the Federation of Ontario Naturalists, the World Wildlife Fund, the Schad Foundation, The Bear Alliance, and all Animal Rights Groups are invited to join this welcome relocation program to their current programs. The Campaign looks forward to their enthusiastic support to move beloved black bears much closer to home.


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Photos, where indicated, by Jon Sullivan.

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