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Jeffrey Buttle's Mother's Day Workshop in Sudbury Ontario

Northern Ontario's favorite son Jeffrey Buttle took his Mom to the ballet in Toronto the night before Mother's Day, so he could spend the day itself with fans in Sudbury Ontario.

Jeffrey hosted another workshop for our northern skaters at the Sudbury Skating Club. Mom, Lesley, drove north with Jeffrey to get a chance to spend some time with her world famous son.

Lesley Buttle is a smiling, entertaining, and charming woman who was generous enough to spend some time sharing stories with us of what it was like raising a world class athlete. Jeffrey was skating by the grand old age of 18 months and has never looked back.

Lesley remembered the days living in Timmins when she would work until midnight each Thursday, run home and bundle little Jeff into the back seat, and head for Barrie and the Mariposa Skating School. After driving all night she'd get Jeff there in time to enter the school in his pj's, clean up and change, and get on the ice to skate. (I had visions here of a thin little fellow in warm fuzzy jammies, with footies?, being carried to the car. Sorry Jeff.) Lesley had to spend the day waiting at Mariposa, then head north again that evening. Lesley couldn't wait to get home to bed, Jeff couldn't wait to get back next week.

The stories I've heard of the self sacrifice in time, money, and of their own interests and goals, made by so many parents in this sport never cease to amaze me. Jeffrey's Mom is only one example. This is a demanding, time consuming, and very expensive sport. Many local parents are spending upwards of 8,000-18,000 thousand dollars per year to keep their kids on ice, and some are working multiple jobs to do it. Rising to the level of the Jeffrey Buttle's makes those sums look paltry. Many parents drive hours a day to keep their kids skating. Some have learned to cook meals in their cars! These kids don't get far without the full support and hard work of their families.

Getting to see our world class star again and chatting with his obviously world class Mom was a nice way to start a Mother's Day. Thank you Jeff. And thank you Lesley!


At right is our own world class lady, Megan, a major player in the world of figure skating fandom, with Jeffrey Buttle.


Below are some scenes from the day.

A small Quick Time movie of the day



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