Figure skating is one of my favorite sports. To watch. After three winters of practicing I can only come to a stop by hitting a wall or falling down. I've moved on to other things. Trilliums in Northern Ontario
Northern Ontario


Figure Skating in Northern Ontario

Jeffrey Buttle on Mother's Day

News! This section is being expanded and reorganized.

Andrea Durkac is joining Northern and will be adding her enthusiasm to our figures skating pages.


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We are offering to create on this website a page for any figure skating club in Northern Ontario. You can add your contact information, photos, and anything special to you and your group. And it's free! 

For our intermediate and senior skaters....

We're offering you a chance to let your light shine. We'll create a page for each and every figure skater of intermediate level or above in Northern Ontario! That's free too.

Let's give the world a chance to see our talent!

Espanola Skating Club Carnival 2005

Meagan DuhamelMeagan Duhamel and Ryan Arnold of History Making Side by Side Triple Lutz fame skated in Walden for home town fans on Easter Sunday. Meagan and Ryan are back in the north again to skate at the Espanola Skating Club's Gotta Dance Carnival on April 3rd.

Meagan Duhamel- Running with the courage of her convictions


Sudbury girls skate with our Nations Best!

The photos of Melanie Roque and Marianne Laporte are provided by Andrea Durkac.

Keep an eye on this section for more of Andrea's work. Andrea may have a legitimate claim to being the North's greatest figure skating fan. Although Megan Demlow might give her a serious run for the title. I'll let them fight it out, while I sit back and reap the rewards of their work. Thank you Andrea!

Schedule of Events for the Season

List of Northern Ontario Figure Skating Club Web Sites

Some of the information in this section is supplied to us, with our great gratitude, by Skate Canada. Visit their site for more information on figure skating nation wide.

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