Trilliums in Northern Ontario
Northern Ontario


These two photos of the girls provided, with our thanks, by Andrea Durkac.

To see more of her Celebration on Ice photos.

Figure Skating in Northern Ontario

Sudbury girls skate with our Nations Best!

Melanie Roque, at left, and Marianne Laporte, below, both members of the Sudbury Skating Club, wowed the crowd at the Sudbury Arena when they preformed in Celebration on Ice.

Joining the rarified air of such stars as Brian Orser, Kurt Browing, and Shea-Lynn Bourne must have been a heady experience for these young women. It was heady for the rest of us just watching them.

Our newest northern hero, Jeffrey Buttle, also skated that night, to many ovations and great outpourings of affection from the crowd. But hey, it's easy to love a fellow who's already a star. (Okay, that he's kind, sweet, and a bit of a hunk doesn't hurt either.) I found it just as exciting that these two young women, who I sometimes have the great privilege to watch practice, were a part of this world class event. They've worked long and hard, and continue to do so, to get to the level of skill they enjoy these days. We're proud of them, and want them to know that Jeff wasn't the only Northern Star on the ice that night. I counted three. Like the commercial says it's "because you're worth it." Way to go ladies!





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