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Training with Jeffery Buttle

The north's own Jeffery Buttle who finished second at the 2003 Canadian Nationals is one of the few active skaters who is coaching and also working as a skating judge.

He say's of judging, "It's a hard job but very interesting. ...It's really helped me in my skating because we meet to analyze all of the deductions. I realize what's more or less important in the marks and I understand my marks more when I'm being judged."

Of coaching he's changed his mind dramatically from a year ago when he stated that he didn't think he'd "have the patience for it." Today it's become something he finds rewarding and a lot of fun.

Jeffery is coached by Lee Barkell, Wendy Philion, and Doug Leigh and because of his links to Sudbury and Wendy coaches here periodically.

We spoke to some of his students afterwards and without exception one of the two things they like best about working with Jeffery is the fact that since he is currently competing himself he can show the jumps exactly as they should be jumped. He understands and remembers, from just yesterday, the pressures and problems they face. It brings it all alive for them and builds their own excitement and enthusiasm.

The second thing that was equally important to the young ladies, is that he's "sooo cute!"

Wendy Philion, Brittany, and Jeffery Buttle


Challen and Jeffery having some quality guy time


Demonstration to a spellbound audience


Jeffery Buttle and Rachel


Jeffery Buttle Looking Good!


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