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The Ontario government is trying to promote the sport of angling without promoting the piling up of fish to the very limit you're allowed. With that in mind they also offer a Conservation License in addition to the regular sorts of fishing licenses. It is recommended that you kill only what you can immediately use. Only take home what you take on any day and keep the catch on ice. For the best flavor avoid freezing and use right away.

Fishing License Information

If an officer asks to see your license, the law requires that you show it. Please carry it with you at all times.

Conservation Licenses

These licenses promote conservation principles. They cost significantly less than a regular license and involve lower catch and possession limits.

Ontario & Canadian Residents

Most Ontario and Canadian residents must have an Outdoors Card or apply for one to be able to purchase a fishing license.

Most Ontario residents need a Resident Fishing License if they are at least 18 years old and still under 65 years old.

Certain exemptions apply if you are a disabled resident of Canada. A disabled resident is someone who has a CNIB National Identity Card or a Ontario Ministry of Transportation disable parking permit. You may carry a photocopy (both front and back), but may be asked to provide the original at some time in the future.

Also a resident who has an intellectual impairment and requires the help of another person to fish, may fish without a license.

Even if one of these exemptions apply to you, the Sport Fishing catch and possession limits still apply.

For these purposes a Resident of Canada (outside of Ontario) is defined as someone who has lived in Canada for a period of at least 6 months during the previous 12 months before applying for the license. A Resident of Ontario is defined as a person whose primary residence in in Ontario and who has lived in Ontario for at least 6 months in the previous 12.

Ontario & Canadian Residents (Prices include GST)


Sport Fishing (sticker only) $20.50
Conservation Fishing (sticker only) $12.25
Temporary Sport Fishing $26.50
Temporary Conservation Fishing $18.25
1 Day Fishing $10.00


Non Residents

Anyone who is on an Ontario resident as defined above, must purchase a Non-Resident Sport Fishing License. Non-residents are not required to first purchase on Outdoors Card. Non-residents under 18 may fish without a license if accompanied by a licensed person. Any fish caught by an angler under 18 is considered part of the catch and possession of the person with them who holds the license.

Non- Residents (Prices include GST)


Non Resident Fishing $56.50
Non-Resident Conservation $34.00
7 Day Fishing $36.00
7 Day Conservation Fishing $21.50
Great Lakes 1 Day Fishing $14.50



Hunting License Information

Ontario Residents must have the Hunting Version of the Outdoors Card to purchase a hunting license.

Non-Residents, including Canadians living outside of Ontario, are not required to purchase the Outdoor Card to obtain a hunting license.

Ontario Resident Prices include GST


Small Game (sticker only) $16.50
Deer $32.00
Farmer's Deer $19.50
Moose $39.00
Black Bear $32.00
Non-Resident Prices include GST


Small Game $77.50
Deer $155.00
Moose $310.00
Black Bear $155.00


For more information contact:
The Ministry of Natural Resources Information Centre

All information on this web site was accurate at the time of writing. Laws change. Prices change. The information contained here is meant only to be a casual introduction to the laws and requirements to fish in Canada and should not be considered the final word.


Fishing photo on this page courtesy of Gwen Leclair

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