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Ontario's James's Bay Frontier Region

The James Bay Frontier runs along the area of Haileybury, New Liskeard, Earlton and Englehart in the east, goes west to Hearst, and ends way up north along the shores of Hudson Bay. It includes the towns of Timmins, Cochrane, Kapuskasing, Hearst, James Bay, Matheson, Cobalt, Kirkland Lake, Latchford, Iroquois Falls, Moose Factory, and Moosonee.

Visiting this area can be a real "walk on the wild side". Great expanses of untouched land, numerous wildlife sightings, and lots of "fly in only" resorts make this area a wilderness lovers paradise. Take a train ride into the northern towns on the shores of James Bay, all the way to the "end of the line." Visit countless historic sites and travel roads that have been known to fall into abandoned mine shafts! (In 1986 a "pothole" on highway 11B turned out to be a collapsing mine shaft that lie underneath that portion of the highway. The road was restored, and all is well.)

Take a houseboat expedition, go golfing surrounded by pines and in the freshest air you're likely to ever enjoy, and keep a running total of the number of moose and bear you see. Try some of the best snowmobile trails anywhere. Visit the birth place of Shania Twain and have a drink in the small neighborhood bars where she got her start as a child. See the 18 standing stones of our own Native Stonehenge.

If you're looking for a true wilderness adventure, in any season, the James Bay Frontier is sure to have something to offer.



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